This may not be a wonderful piece of art, but defines my present state of mind correctly. The state of mind we wish to have, moreover which we need to have everyday in our lives. And is seldom attainted. PEACE.

ILAHI means my god and My God lies within me .

We humans visit various shrines, form our beliefs in numerous gods . We think we might find peace in a gurudwara or xyz temple. But more than often we forget that all of it lies within.

Today when insurgency has taken over Kashmir and daily a news pops up about bombing in some part of the world, all we think about, is the state of doom we are in. Simultaneously we battle our own personals battles at home,office,school,college,and society.

Isn’t there a way out?

Will it be hard if we try to bring change once at a time

Let us start by sparking a fire within, and when YOU change, the world around you changes. Let us realise that the world has enough of hatred and war already. And all it needs is more of LOVE . Pure,simple and easy Love. AND lets not forget KINDNESS. Lets destroy the hate within and slowly the world will respond to us with love. I am not asking for much. Its just you loving you. Cause really, we all are ONE.




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