Photography Exhibition – THE AFRICAN PORTRAITS by Mahesh Shantaram

This exhibit is taking place at NID,PG Campus, Gandhinagar from October 13th to October 24th 4pm to 8 pm daily.

The photographer sees the plight of Africans in India and decides to photograph them to convey their stories. A lot of Africans come to India to study and to build businesses between Africa and India. He visited them in various parts of India like Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi etc and learnt about the living conditions. They are treated as unwelcomed outsiders in our country and various unfortunate stances have been observed in a country which boasts of treating their guests as gods. The places they live in, for the prices they pay for are not the ones an average earning indian would ever go to.

It is ironical to see how a country who has well experienced racism itself is now practicing it with another fellow native of the world who has the greatest history of oppression and continual racism.

Lets be a little sensitive and not make life more difficult for them. Live and let live.



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