Cheese Overdose

Reviewing –  The Turquoise Villa and Cafe Upper Crust today…

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Turquoise villa had some amazing food items on its menu and wonderful ambience. I disliked the aroma of the place though which could be improved.

I loved their decor, the food prices are moderate and the food-value for money. Do try their cheese fondue which is served with grilled veggies and bread. Quantity of cheese nachos was less but tasted nice.

Cafe Upper Crust is a renowned bakery with delicious breads and desserts. It also has an extensive food menu including Chinese, Continental, North indian and Italian. The place is known for its sizzlers. I tried their Cheese and Chicken steak served with grilled veggies and spaghetti which was a bit pricey and didn’t match up to my expectation .

They could improve a lot upon their ambience and interiors, considering the amount of respect they’ve earned all these years and 9 awards up their sleeve.

All in all, it was a happy cheesy day which ended up with some Tiramisu cheesecake and Creme Brulee.

Take care and Good Night



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